tax dollars at work

It’s funny how some random events can lead to some unexpected answers to some burning questions.
I hardly get any mail at my new apartment in Grand Haven. I’m getting some forwarded mail from my old place, and I’m getting some mail addressed properly, but not very much. Out of 6 possible mail delivery days each week, I seem to receive mail on an average of only 2 days. Why don’t I get much mail?

Now the interesting facts and random events.
A check mailed to me on or near February 1 is now officially three weeks – undelivered – late – missing – etc.
I recently renewed my passport – and yesterday got a phone call from the passport people.
And I just spoke with my United States Postal Carrier (they have titles you know – USPC) in the hallway of my building.

These are two pieces of new information gleaned from the phone hallway conversations:
1) My USPC only works three days a week and the other three days are handled by substitutes who don’t normally work this route.
2) My Passport was returned to the United States Passport Administration Office as undeliverable through the United States Postal Service.

Leading me to this conclusion:
US mail might not deliver to my home in a timely manner.
My tax dollars at work?

The moral?
At least I don’t have Comcast for cable and internet anymore.

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  1. Turns out the USPS takes this stuff pretty seriously. I called them up and they are on it like plaid on a bad couch.
    I have a confirmation number and everything. CO36383338

  2. Always wondered whatever happened to that adage about rain, sleet, snow and dark or night keeping the postman from his (her) rounds. I have a different USPC every day which instills 0 (zero, nada, none) confidence for me and their ability to get their job done correctly.

    But good to know you’re no longer under the totalitarian arm of Comcrap. I love them like the plague and am very happy that GR will soon be getting AT&T’s U-Verse service.

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