Technology Impaired

Technology Impaired

Apparently I’m technology impaired. It took me a an hour to figure this one out. The bellboy in my hotel (Montevideo, Uruguay) didn’t give me the heads up. That’s fine, I’m usually a pretty smart guy. Not today.

The light switches in the hotel don’t work!

What’s this salad?

ohhhh…. you put your room key in here and then all the light switches work. Nice.

Yeah, I totally want that for my apartment now. That’s just too brilliant! It saves so much energy that the US will clearly never adopt such a thing.

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2 Comments on “Technology Impaired

  1. “It saves so much energy that the US will clearly never adopt such a thing.”

    truer words…

    Maybe some quirky hotel chain will adopt it.

    I had something like this in Germany a few years back. I actually got so freaked out by the fact that my lights weren’t turning on that I called down to the front desk.

    “Es gibt kein Licht in meinem Zimmer! Hilf mir!”
    “Um, put your card in the slot.”

  2. We had the same problem when we were in London.. could NOT figure out how to turn the lights on. Steve called the front desk, then it all became very clear! :)