Thai one on

Lunch today at Godblogcon was in the Biola University cafeteria. Apparently the long lines of sheep to the fodder are over. The students can choose from any number of different small lines leading to everything imaginable. There’s the pizza line, the salad bar, a dessert bar, a row of cereal dispensers, and some pretty decent international cuisine. Sandwiches of any variety are available – a soup bar – really incredible. I chose the Thai Chicken Curry with Jasmine Rice. There were some very fancy and tasty green beans – and a Dr. Pepper to wash it down.

As I write this, the conference is jumping from a pretty great plenary session regarding the intersection of politics and christianity, to a live broadcast of the Hugh Hewitt Show. Honestly, I don’t think I need to sit in the room with the live radio show, so I’m sitting outside in a lovely courtyard. Listening dutifully of course.

So back to the food – I don’t think the Biola student body has any clue how good they have it. Reminds me of
God’s promises to us through the people he set aside. The story of God is punctuated over and over by promises that God will give us a host of benefits – but we have responsibilities – or appropriate responses to those promises.

I get really excited about that.

…maybe it’s just me.