to the winners go the pizza

After winning a softball game the team decided to go to Pietro’s Back-door Pizzaria (yes, we make all the required off-color jokes about the name). They do this “pizza party” deal for large groups.
-Salad (simple itallian salad)
-Breadsticks (very hearty)
-Pizza (keep ’em coming)
-Soda-pop (Pepsi products… beware)

All that for $6.95/person.
When it’s a party of 20-something, it works pretty well.

Now here’s where I fell.
After all of that, I stopped at McDonalds on the way home for a small Vanilla Shake for $2… WHAT WAS I THINKING? Like I needed that?
And the price? I could have bought a 1/2 gallon of ice-cream for that. Is that stupid or what?

maybe it’s just me…

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  1. well, there go all those calories burnt by sweating and grunting on the diamond.

    time to run another 12 miles.


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