Two Scoops

Unofficial start of Summer or not, to me the season begins with two scoops of heavenly goodness atop a sugar cone.

I usually prefer soft-serve ice cream. My needs are simple and a plain chocolate cone or maybe a twist, or a basic dip satisfy me. Sometimes, you have to go for the hand-dipped cone. I love to combine a scoop of this and that producing a delightful melange heretofore untasted. On this Memorial day weekend I kicked off Summer with Coffee Lovers and Ooey Gooey Chewy. The latter is vanilla with brownie pieces and caramel. I found it a bit disappointing. Next time, I’m getting the Coffee with Birthday Cake. I should have had a small taste first.

When it comes to the cone, there are all manner of handles for your ice cream. Take the cake – or “Eat-it-all” brand cone – it’s light, fluffy, and provides a solid base. The waffle cone always seems to dwarf whatever you put in there, and the results are somewhat unpredictable. My tried and true friend is the sugar cone. It’s crisp, sweet and toasted. At the end you get a little pointy bit. I love that part.

… maybe it’s just me?

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  1. Ah, the sugar cone. The only cone proven truly worthy of holding ice cream.

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