What up ‘G’?

Favorite Food
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I’m from the Chicago suburbs. I grew up knowing nothing about the wonderfulness that is Giordano’s pizza until I was in my late teens, and by then it was almost too late. I managed to have just a few pieces before moving to Connecticut (where pizza goes when it’s bad).

Since then, I’ve been an evangelist for Giordano’s pizza. I definitely have way too much, every time I’m there. My most recent trip proved to follow my m.o.

My preferences include:

Plain and simple. Oh sure, some of you may want to muddy the waters with more fillings like pepperoni, or canadian bacon (ham), or worse yet “deluxe”. My considerable experience has led me to the arguable fact that the sausage pizza is their best. This is especially noticable when the evil-opposite of Giordano’s rears it’s ugly head – Gino’s. The sausage is abysmal.

… maybe it’s just me