What’s your super power?

What’s your super power?

I recently read Noah Kagan’s blog post “Why I got Fired from Facebook (a $100 Million dollar lesson)“. It’s a great refelection on lessons learned from that experience, and one line in particular caught my eye.

“Each human on Earth has super powers. I’ve realized mine are execution, sales, marketing, eating tacos and throwing in occasional jokes.” – Noah Kagan

always be batmanIt occurred to me that I’ve never taken an inventory of my own super powers. I mean, if my super powers were: invulnerability, flight, strength, x-ray vision and heat vision – I should go be Superman. If those are not my super powers, then I shouldn’t try to be Superman.

Coming up with a list of your super powers can be an enlightening experience. It can be difficult to separate the things you’re doing from the things you’re specifically gifted to do.

Here’s what I got:

  • Influencing
  • Relationships
  • Inspirational words
  • Strategy
  • Funny Voices
  • Encouraging
  • Communicating Creatively
  • Puns

So, with those in place I’m not going to be Batman, and thank God not Aquaman. I’m doing social networking consulting. I’m pretty good at it.

You like those personality tests? Me too!
Myers Briggs: ENTJ – sometimes ESFJ, but always E–J
Strengths Finder: Woo, Communications, Strategic Thinking, Individualization, Positivity
Spiritual Gifts:  Word of Wisdom, Faith, Leadership, Encouragement, Hospitality, Creative Communication
Kolbe: Quick Start 9, Implementer 6, Fact Finder 2, Follow-thru 1
super powers
Those are all just another way to help you figure out your super powers. The big question isn’t “what are your super powers?” rather, if you’re not using your super powers now, who are you trying to be?

My nephews seem to have this figured out.

Brian Atkinson is a comedian, voice actor, MC, and former radio personality. His sharp, smart comedic style has been a hit at clubs, corporate events, and festivals across the country including Bonkerz, Dr. Grins, Sunday Night Funnies, Punchlines and Gilda’s Laugh Fest. You can find his audio books on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. Brian and his lovely wife Holly live in Grand Rapids and he has a lot of t-shirts.

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