Who’s your monkey?

Sometimes I wish I had a horde of Carnival Monkeys to do my bidding. Mostly they would respond to my email for me. I wonder what I would call them…
(insert dream sequence effect and sounds here)

(enter Brian’s dream world of Carnival Monkeys…)
My right hand monkey is Sebastian. He is excellent for delegation and management.
#2 is Flouncy and she takes care of the sensitive messages.
#3 – Cleo is assigned to triage, evaluating most messages and farms them out to the monkeys overseas in India as needed. That’s why when you email me you may not get responses for quite some time. He (yes, Cleo is a he) also redirects some to Flouncy and Sebastian.

Then in no particular order:
Alice, Martin, Tony, Boris, Essie, Penny, Paul, Poppins, Ramsey, Mr. DePinna, Ed, Mrs. Kirby, Rheba, Donald, Jason, Daddy-o,

So… that’s 19 plus the overseas staff. I think they have a lot of them over there.

What would you name your carnival monkey?

4 Replies to “Who’s your monkey?”

  1. I was totally waiting for you to name one of your monkeys as “Morgan” and I would have said “oh, that’s cold.” But you didn’t, well done.

    I think my monkey’s name would probably be “Blind Melon Free Stone” or “Chaz” for short.

  2. My monkeys are:
    “Babalooie” (“Babs” for short), and

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