Worst Animal Hospital Ever

We all get junk mail in our mailboxes. In Grand Rapids, we get a little 10 page catalog called “Grand Rapids Deals”. This periodical provides coupons for pizza, carpet cleaning, and pest control. It also has ads for local services like this – The Worst Animal Hospital Ever.

It’s difficult to read the text in this picture, but it says:
“Veterinary care with a heart”

Unfortunately, the heart of the little kitty in this picture has stopped. We hope you get over it soon.

Yes, that’s a picture of a cat, laying on it’s back, eyes closed, and paws akimbo. Did the vet or advertising exec think that this was a cute picture? Did they think it would inspire me to bring my beloved family pet in for their expert care? Do they offer taxidermy services?

Way to go Grand Rapids Deals!

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  1. Akimbo. What a great, underused word. Must start using it more. Akimbo.

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