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I do a lot of different things. If you listen to my voice you will hear that I do voiceover work and I used to work as an on-air radio personality. My voice works best as an announcer - and it's easy for me to cut through the background and be heard clearly. I also do some acting (professionally represented by MMA) on screens and in community theater.

I have a business to handle those things - Social Network Voice - and it is also the entity I use for public speaking and consulting. Take a look at my speaker page. I have spoken all over the United States, and around the world in places like Philadelphia, Nashville, Dallas, Grand Rapids, Chicago, Wyoming, Portland, Toronto, Seoul, Budapest, Portugal, Germany, and Uruguay. I speak on a variety of topics, like social media, digital strategy, communication styles, adoption, SEO, and inspirational topics. I'm usually funny. Your audience will love me.

If you look at my resume, you'll see I've spent the last 20 years in technology, most of it in leadership roles where I've been the digital strategist. In social media, I've managed pages and created content for as many as 10-million fans. I usually end up in the marketing department, or working closely with them.

I'm also a really great boss. I'm very positive and honor the way different individuals are gifted. I've created departments from the ground up, inherited staff, and had to fix dysfunctional teams. I've led teams as small as a handful and as large as 70. Other than Wrigley Field, my favorite place in the world is to be part of a team while leading a team. It should be somewhere that I'm allowed to be creative.

You don't have to need me to do all of those things - just one would be fine. If you're looking for the right person to have on your proverbial bus, if you're looking for someone for your team or a new leader for your team, hire me.

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