Brian Atkinson: Voice Actor, Comedian

Voice Artist and Standup Comic

Brian Atkinson is a versatile voice actor, comedian, speaker, and emcee, for commercials, audio book narrations, character voices, impressions, and regional accents. Got a special project? Use my voice! Click the arrow on the players to download clips.

Brian Atkinson – Commercial Demo

Brian Atkinson – Narration Demo

Audio Book Demo (more)

Baseball Memoir, “My Cubs,” by Scott Simon

Standup Comedy
Master of Ceremonies

Audio Books

Brian Atkinson – Audio Book Narrator

Pleasant narrator and character voices

You might not pay me to read the phonebook to you, but you’d like it.

New Audio Book Demos

Baseball Memoir, “My Cubs,” by Scott Simon

Science Fiction, “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency,” by Douglas Adams

Sales, “To Sell Is Human,” by Daniel Pink

Audio Book Samples

Sunstone Audio Book on Amazon and Audible  - over 40 voices.Sunstone Audio Book

Sunstone is available on Amazon and Audible. I performed over 40 voices in this Science Fiction (Steampunk) audio book.
The sun goddess Navora created a new world on a primitive moon, and the Sunstones to guide her people. As centuries pass, life on the moon develops into a geothermal steam-powered industrial age. A triumvirate of politicians, banks and corporations bring strain and suffering to the masses they rule over. With the gears of time ever moving and trouble spiraling to a crisis point, can three individuals and a handful of fossils prevent a violent revolution?

Dry recording, narration, characters, steampunk thriller, Retail Sample.

Dry recording, narration, female characters, steampunk thriller, Chapter.

Dry recording, characters, steampunk thriller, 5+-minute demo.

Cuban Chickie BoomCuban Chickie Boom

Cuban Chickie Boom by Bill Ciccotti is an action-adventure, in the pulp-fiction or noir style. It has comedy, violence, some rough language, and old guys with a food obsession. Narrated by Brian Atkinson.

Dry recording, narration, pulp-fiction, noir, action-adventure, Retail Sample.

More Audiobook Samples

Dry recording, straight read, fantasy genre, 2-minute demo.

Dry recording, straight read, fantasy genre, 7-minute demo.

From Hell To Heaven To Hell – by Jim Grundy – Mix of Texas and West Virginia accent and dramatic reading.


Brian Atkinson – Commercials

Announcer and Character Voices for Commercials
Send me your script, and I’ll provide just the right voice for your commercial spot. If you need a character voice, we can work together to come up with the perfect one.

Brian Atkinson – Commercial Demo

ESPN – Big Ten Network – BTN2GO App (Sports)

ESPN – Big Ten Network – BTN2GO App (Sports, casual read)

Logan’s Roadhouse: (Southern accent, Sam Elliot type)

Coffee: (smooth announcer, male voice, parody, comedy ad)

Chevy MyLink: (easy going, male voice)

Chrysler Halftime: (dramatic, male voice, classical)

Pet Supplies Plus Christmas: (character voice, accent, male voice, holiday, Christmas)
Client: Kyser Designwerks

Impressions – Characters

Brian Atkinson Impressions and Character Voices

Voices of your favorite celebreties, cartoons and original characters
Use these voices and many more for your broadcasting, projects, phone messages, animation, games and presentations.

Auditions for “Return of the Honeymooners” (impressions, announcer, character voices, male voices):

Character voices, Impressions, fast switching:

PSA: Recycle with Randy Travis: (impression, country music)

Re-casting The Honeymooners (impressions, announcer, character voices, male voices):


Brian Atkinson – Narrator

Pleasant narrator with a wide range
Excellent for documentaries, fundraising, corporate presentations and videos.

Brian Atkinson – Narration Demo

Calm, strong, smooth and on message

Easy to listen to corporate narration

Narration Demo, calm, strong, and on message