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Brian Atkinson – Audio Book Narrator

Pleasant narrator and character voices

You might not pay me to read the phonebook to you, but you’d like it.

Sunstone Audio Book on Amazon and Audible  - over 40 voices.Sunstone Audio Book

Sunstone is available on Amazon and Audible. I performed over 40 voices in this Science Fiction (Steampunk) audio book.
The sun goddess Navora created a new world on a primitive moon, and the Sunstones to guide her people. As centuries pass, life on the moon develops into a geothermal steam-powered industrial age. A triumvirate of politicians, banks and corporations bring strain and suffering to the masses they rule over. With the gears of time ever moving and trouble spiraling to a crisis point, can three individuals and a handful of fossils prevent a violent revolution?

Dry recording, narration, characters, steampunk thriller, Retail Sample.

Dry recording, narration, female characters, steampunk thriller, Chapter.

Dry recording, characters, steampunk thriller, 5+-minute demo.

Dry recording, straight read, fantasy genre, 2-minute demo.

Dry recording, straight read, fantasy genre, 7-minute demo.

From Hell To Heaven To Hell – by Jim Grundy – Mix of Texas and West Virginia accent and dramatic reading.