Church Website on a Shoestring


The most common question I hear has got to be, “How can we have a church website on a shoestring budget?” For the purposes of discussion, let’s assume you’ve got some kind of budget. An annual budget of $500 is a fine place to start. The answer to the shoestring church website question starts with the basic who-what-when-where-why questions we learned that time in 8th grade English during the journalism unit.
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911 Recovery

New York Skyline on 911

It was the anniversary of 911 this week. September 11, 2001 is a tragic date, especially for people who lost loved ones in the planes, World Trade Centers, Pentagon, and near Stoystown, PA. It is good that we honor their memories, and work for peace, to ensure similar events do not happen again. Continue reading “911 Recovery”

Good For You

As an American Christian, I might want to outlaw things that are not good for you. I’m not alone. On May 30, 2012, The Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, announced the Portion Cap Rule. It stated that sugary beverages could not exceed 16oz portions. Later that year, the Board of Health unanimously approved the limit, and it would go into effect 6 months later. The underlying reason was that larger portions made people fat. It’s not good for you, so we’ll make it illegal. Continue reading “Good For You”

Quick Wins

Quick Wins

Sometimes, just a few days can produce pretty spectacular results.
Social Network Voice took over posting for one of our clients for one week to cover a staffer’s vacation time. After just a few days, we can already see a dramatic increase in the Total Reach numbers. Continue reading “Quick Wins”

Doing Ministry Online

The Dog

Most anyone who works in Christian Ministry thinks about one of a couple of things: ministry in the church, or some kind of boots-on-the-ground international missionary work. Those are of course a bit limiting, especially as it doesn’t take into consideration how God’s word is spread and people are ministered to through digital means. Continue reading “Doing Ministry Online”

A Broken World

Broken World

Whenever I talk to people about God, I usually get questions about this sin or that. I get questions about sickness, disease, and in general, the junk that happens to us that seems unexplainable. We are often hurt and confused by natural disasters, children being hit by cars, bombs in public places, war, poverty, famine and injustice. Continue reading “A Broken World”

About The Bible

The Bible

The Bible is the account of God’s action in the world and His purpose with all creation.

Forty authors, inspired by God, wrote the text of the Bible over the course of sixteen-hundred years, compiling a collection of books documenting God’s words about everything, from the creation of everything to the end of times. Continue reading “About The Bible” goes live

Normally this blog is relegated to the strange and wonderful things that I observe or that people send to me. Today I wish to depart momentarily from that format to brag about the place where I work just a bit and maybe for the first time help you understand a little of what I do for a living – which is only a little wacky.

I work at Gospel Communications International. My title is Manager of Alliance Development. The Alliance is a community of Christian organizations, banded together to make an impact for Christ online. I encourage our members to fully engage in doing their individual ministries online, rather than just run an online brochure about their ministry.

My company along with the alliance community launched a new site today.

It’s the content from the alliance sites bookmarked by them – and tagged with keywords which turn into topics. For example: apologetics.

It also dynamically creates micro-sites about each ministry. For example: mirthmobile.

Since it’s gone live just a few minutes ago – the search engines won’t index it quite yet, but in the near future when you do search for a topic contained in or one of our alliance members, will have an enormous impact on those search results. That’s good news for our community, but it’s also good news for people who need help with the topics we cover – for example divorce – something I’ve recently experienced.

I’m so proud of everyone on our whole internet ministry team and everything they’ve done to make this new site a reality. Thanks everyone!