Susceptibility Virus Warning genuine threat being circulated that can cause you, your family, and your friends a variety of harm. Do not forward this image without the acompanying text.

Warning Social Media users – there is a new threat to your personal security and it is being perpetrated on Facebook as well as other social media like Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest. The posted virus can infect Windows and Mac …

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Admiral Akbar just cracks me up. If you’re not familiar with this squidly character from the Star Wars movies, he’s got one famous line, “it’s a trap!” It really killed me this morning.

Whether Public Display of Affection, or Electronic Organizer (which by the way does not abbreviate to PDA at all) it’s not something I think about often. However, today someone mentioned that teenagers use PDAs. Yeah… perhaps not as hip to …

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Fire! Jodi is awesome.Jodi signs up for a variety of giveaways, promotions, contests and such.Jodi wins stuff.This time it was a dinner for up to 8 people at the Golden Corral buffet. We didn’t know that it was also a …

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McCain – Palin I can’t be the only one who thought of this can I? The thought of Michael Palin in the pepperpot drag getup along with John McCain has me in stitches. Sarah Palin is probably a better choice.

From the YouTube member’s description:This is what my cat does every time we watch boxing… Thanks to Tara, who sent it to Sylvia, who sent it to me.

As disturbing as Mother’s Day was, Mother Goose Rocks takes it up a notch. Head & Shoulders, Knees & Toes by Mono with ME2 Good luck getting that out of your head. Thanks Paul

My mom sent me a link to this dog tricks site. Go visit and try some typical dog commands:SpeakRolloverPlay deadJumpFetchand be sure to try – Kiss Thanks Mom!

I’m not a movie reviewer by trade, but I do go to a bunch of movies and I eat popcorn.Tonight I went to see “Expelled”, a documentary about the oppression of even the words “intelligent design” if used in academia, …

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I just got a new haircut – finally. Having recently moved to Grand Haven, I had to figure out where to get a haircut around here. Fortunately, surprisingly, freakishly, coifishly , mind-bogglingly, there are lots of places to get a …

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