How to Drive

Today is Saturday and on Monday I’m getting in the car and driving to Pennsylvania. I’m kicking off a new job in the Philadelphia area, working for The American Bible Society as the Director of Web Communications. My GPS will get me there, but since I have a passion for the details (anal) I looked up the route on Google maps.

Along the way, there were pictures of the road through Toledo. Most of them looked just the way I remember from the many times I’ve driven through Toledo, gotten on 475, and even hit the Ohio Turnpike. As I continued to pull up the images along the way, I discovered a rather disconcerting image.

Doesn’t this seem dangerous to you?

I feel a little more confident since the directions continue…
13. Continue on I-76 E, Partial toll road, Entering Pennsylvania. 350 mi

However, I’m a little apprehensive about arriving anywhere after driving through a retaining wall of an overpass. But according to this next image everything seems like it’s going to be OK. Just drive into the light…

Until I find myself on the wrong side of the road and have to cut across a cement barrier and directly into the side of this tanker.

I’m just going to follow the GPS and take my chances.

Christmas for me

Come on you do it too!
You get yourself a little something-something for Christmas don’t you? After-all, what’s the spirit of giving without making sure you get just what you want.

This year I got myself some direction in life.
It’s an older-model very basic GPS for my car. I set it up with the British English voice, so now I have this exotic sounding car-girlfriend. I’m driving the 16 hours to Gulfport, Mississippi this year. I think I will appreciate this gift to myself.

I also had 5000 Tivo points to use before they expired. So I used them to get another remote. My three-year-old remote is just fine. It works like a champ. But this one has flames! Seriously, how senselessly cool is that?