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Giving it Away

Here’s what I wonder, why would someone make a free viral tool or game? Why would they give away something cool? What are you giving away?

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End of the World

Cubs End of The World

As the ‪Cubs‬ gear up for a 1-game playoff vs Pittsburgh tonight, “Doomsday” is also today, at least according to Chris McCann, leader and founder of Pennsylvania-based eBible Fellowship. It’s like the mere possibility of the Cubs going to the

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The Five “A”s

International Talk Like A Pirate Day

It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day! (September 19) Here’s a primer to help you with what The Pirate Guys (c. 2006) call The Five “A”s – because there’s 5 of ’em, and they start with the letter “A”.

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Wacky Laws

Alligator tied to a fire hydrant

I live in Michigan. There are some wacky laws, still on the books here, and some of them appear in books about wacky laws.

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Woodchuck or Groundhog?

groundhog - woodchuck - whistlepig

When people talk about a varmint in their yard, along with rabbits, voles, field mice, and gophers, the groundhog or woodchuck usually shows up. Same or different?

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Baseball Sumo

Campbell's Field

A few years ago my parents visited me in Philadelphia, and I took them to a Camden Riversharks minor league baseball game. They got to meet my friend Holly (now my wife) and we had a lovely time. Oh, and

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A Rabbit With a Pancake on its Head

a rabbit with a pancake on its head.

That’s right I said, “a rabbit with a pancake on its head.”

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Oh Baby

Baby Face Buffet

Sometimes the sign outside a restaurant tells you what’s served inside. Sometimes it doesn’t.

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