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Church Website on a Shoestring


How can we have a church website on a shoestring budget? The answer to the shoestring budget church website question starts with the basic who-what-when-where-why questions.

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Critical Elements Of Any Church Website

Twenty years ago, churches were starting to put pieces of what they did online, and a few basics emerged that are as critical to a church website today, as they were then.

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Giving it Away

Here’s what I wonder, why would someone make a free viral tool or game? Why would they give away something cool? What are you giving away?

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Flying Cars Conference

Flying Car

I’ve been a featured speaker at a variety of different conferences. Some are technology conferences, some faith-based, some not, and whenever I do, people look at some of my past job experience (Director of Digital Communications, Director of Digital Media)

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It’s Never Too Late

2500% increase

So, you say your social media is dead in the water? You’re getting nowhere? You don’t even know what to post or when? Take a few deep breaths and know this one key thing: It’s never too late.

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Why You Need A Strategy

strategy button

Over the last 20 years of talking to people about their technology, the web (interwebz), and now social networking and social media, I’ve heard the following statement too many times: “Let’s just get started, we can do the strategy thing

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